How does the technology work


Halotherapy is performed in a special room where walls, ceiling (overhead) and floor are covered with rock salt. Dry rock salt aerosol containing particles of 1-5 µm in size is produced in this room by a special nebulizer, the halogenerator; the device which pushes air containing this aerosol into the saltroom.

The halogenerator is situated in an interconnecting room and brings a flow of clean, dry air, saturated with highly dispersed negatively charged particles of sodium chloride into the therapeutic room, for mimics the natural microclimate of salt mines. The halogenerator has a microprocessor that monitors and maintains the temperature, relative humidity and mass concentration of aerosol in the saltroom. In contrast, speleotherapy relies solely on the natural salt environment. The first advantage of the Halotherapy 4th generation is the provision of a specific concentration of dry aerosol and maintain under controlled conditions of temperature and relative humidity, while regulating the size and speed of the dry sodium aerosol particles, unlike the salt mines can´t be controlled.

This rooms has stable humidity (relative air humidity 40-60%) and stable air temperature (18-24°C). These parameters create comfortable conditions for patients and promote a stable aerosol environment.
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